The Ventures in the Vale

One Night in Fallcrest

The Party Assembles

The party comes together outside the Silver Unicorn Inn. Dharan was first seen in an argument with Peter and Kevster concerning the introduction of these new “hired help” and fear that their pay is about to be split or they would perhaps be fired. They threaten to take these matters up with the boss, Ardlin Stonefoot, who is meeting with someone called “The Fish” at the Hangman’s Noose Tavern in the lower city.

When the party arrives at the seedy tavern nestled in the clutter and close-in streets of the lower city, they don’t see Peter, or Kevster. They do spot Ardlin talking to a grey-haired human with some ugly facial scars. Ardlin waves the party over to speak with them in private.

Ardlin explains that his brother, Yodlin, had traveled into Harkenwold to secure river transport support for their mining venture. He was to go to Tor’s Hold, make contact with the Halflings in command of numerous river barges. Ardlin had not heard anything from his brother in the month spent in Fallcrest. Ardlin’s research in the local area has revealed that no one else has heard from Tor’s Hold recently either.

Ardlin implores the party to go and investigate the where-abouts of his brother and either bring him news or rescue his brother. He offers 200gp up front and 400gp upon completion.

While this discussion is taking place, Peter and Kevster make a brief appearance at the front door of the tavern. Upon spotting the party, they share a quick exchange, and leave the tavern. They post a few thugs at the front door, and head to the side alley to setup an ambush for the adventurers.

The party decides to attempt to leave quietly out the back of the tavern. The ranger goes the scout the alley. She expertly slips out the back door, seeing no one in the back alley. As she walks by a large stash of kegs and crates, she is suddenly set upon by Kevster, leaping up onto a large empty keg and commenting “Trying to sneak away, eh?”

The party deals with Kevster and some minion thugs quite quickly. Peter is horribly battered in a single devastating attack by Dharan. His thugs are dealt with in a similar fashion leaving him with few options for a positive outcome, he surrenders. The party strips him of his combination arm guard/brass knuckles (called “Lightning” and “Thunder” by Peter) and sends him on his way.

Looking to off-load their recent acquisitions, Dharan takes the party to a small store tied to the Half-Moon merchants. There they meet Seth, a middle-aged halfling who recognizes Dharan immediately and welcomes the party in. He gladly buys Kevster’s sling and bullets, but insists that Dharan has the arm guards examined by another Half-Moon halfling named “Billy” in Harkenwold. The weapons appear to be Tiefling relics, possibly worth a considerable sum, and likely used in some form of arena combat.

The party then retires to the Silver Unicorn where Ardlin already has rooms paid for. They rest up in anticipation of a journey to Harkenwold the next day.


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